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Moms Food - Gooseberry, Curry Leaves Juice

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  1. 5 Gooseberries aka Nellika in tamil aka Amla in hindi
  2. Bunch of curry leaves as in picture below
  3. 8 small pieces of rock salt
  4. small ginger piece
  5. 1 lemon


  • Wash and cut the gooseberries
  • Wash, scrape the ginger skin and chop it
  • Pull the curry leaves from the small branches and wash it
  • In the mixer add gooseberries and curry leaves and grid it for 30 seconds
  • Add 500ml of water to the mixer and again grind it for another 30 seconds
  • Add salt and squeeze the lemon in the mixer and repeat the previous step again
  • Take a big bowl, filter the juice and while filter pour another 500ml of water.
  • Cool it a bit and drink it.

Filtering the mixture

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