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What was that video that got deleted in youtube

time-wasted1 min read

Video Unavailable

There is one service from youtube i really hate is, when a video is deleted by Youtube or Uploader, you never know what video it was to add back. If they looked into this, it would be a great help.

Now on the other ways of finding out what was deleted. THE WAYBACK MACHINE

Below are the steps i follow to find out what was deleted.

  1. Go to youtube and copy the url of the deleted video. You just the actual link removed the additional parameters like watchlist and other parameters.
1Original link address, might look like this
4Actually what you need is, just this
  1. Go to and paste the URL

  2. Be Patient. It takes time.

  3. After 5 minute of searching, you may get details like below. Click on a circle and click a sublink

  1. Finally i know what was deleted

Little preview of that page

Now, i am like oh ok. :D

Things you have to do, just to know what was there. hmm.....