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GCP - Cloud Shell Quick Tips

GCP1 min read

In GCP, for quick actions or tests, cloud shell will be the go to thing. Here are tips which i had learnt over period of time.

First commands to execute in cloud shell

Date: 12-07-2022

1gcloud auth list
2gcloud config list project
3gcloud config set project '<<project-name>>'

Starting shell in ephemeral mode

Date: 12-07-2022

When you start the shell, click on the 3-dots symbol on the right and look for Ephemeral mode and select it. In Ephemeral mode disk storage is not persistent, so you don't have to worry of costs of storage of files being created in the VM as files will be deleted when the session ends.

Default is not Ephemeral mode, Cloud Shell provisions 5 GB of free persistent disk storage on your temporarily allocated virtual machine and files in your home directory persist between sessions.

Deleting files in a cloud storage folder

1gsutil -m rm gs://BUCKET_NAME/FOLDER/*.ext

Thanks for reading