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Stash - Preview

web-development1 min read

Last updated : 26/April/2020

This is the first web app i have made in the recent times.

I have a practice of taking lot of notes. These notes could be points taken from listening to video, bookmarks, quotes, urls and other things. I have been a user of Evernotes, OneNote and before this i saved notes in emails as draft. First app, i tried out is Evernotes that was almost 10 years back, i had a lots of notes in there. Then i bought Windows mobile(Nokia Lumia 920), in the beginning, Evernote wasn't available in windows phone. So i made use of OneNote which was there in windows phone. So, i had to copy all notes from Evernote to OneNote and it didn't have that much features that Evernote had, i managed and got used with it. Then came a thought, if i had to jump from windows to android, do i have to again migrate. At this time, i was learning NodeJS and Firebase, so i was thinking why not make an app, thats how everything started. I made this app eventually, this app is full fledged javascript, only a little bit of Nodejs. I use this everyday.

Features are basic,

  1. Authentication is handled via Firebase Authentication. Right now users can login via Email & Google
  2. Notes can be categorized
  3. Add, Update & Delete features are available.

Stash is available in Github

Live site :

Below are some screenshots of Login choice page Email authentication Google authentication Home Read page Write page Category colors page

There is no option to set image, if user has used email to login, it will be the bat pic. If user logged in via Google, it will pull information from google.

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