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Shortcuts and Commands

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Last updated : 2021-01-11

Below are some shortcuts and command which i use often, listing and consolidating them here as i don't have keep them in memory.

VSCode, Sublime, One Note, Jupyter Notebook, Unix commands, DOS

# VSCode Shortcuts

1Side-PreviewCtrl + Shift + V
2Visual Studio CSS Pretty FormatALT + SHIFT + F
3Open Command promptCtrl + Shift + C
4Formatting CSSALT + SHIFT + F
5Formatting JavascriptSHIFT + ALT + F
6Shifts row downAlt + Down
7Shift row upAlt + Up
8Duplicates the rowAlt + shift + down/up
9Multi-select one by oneCtrl + d
10Undo selection of last wordCtrl + u
11Multi-select entire lineCtrl + Alt + Down/Up
12Selects all occurancesCtrl + Shift + L
13to select all the linesShift + Alt + mouse dragging
14Emoji PaletteWinKey + .
15Search in specific folderCtrl + Shift + F

# Sublime

1Multiple cursors on all linesCtrl+A -> Ctrl + Shift + L
2Select all occurrences of select textselect text -> Alt F3

# OneNote

1BulletsCtrl + . (period)
2Table row anywheretype letter or word + tab
3Todo listCheckbox(Ctrl + 1), Add a star(Ctrl + 2)
4OneNote HeadingsCtrl + Alt + 1, Ctrl + Alt + 2

# Jupyter Notebook

1adds a new cell aboveA
2adds a new cell belowB
4Delete a cellD
5Edit modeENTER key
6Make the cell MarkdownM
7Make the cell CodeY
8Pastes the cell belowV
9Split the cell based on cursor positionCtrl + Shift + -(hypen)
10Merge all selected cellsShift + M
11Select multiple cellsCtrl + Up (or) Ctrl + Down

# Unix Commands

1present working directorypwd
2change directorycd
3change directory up one levelcd ..
5list detaills -l
6list all files include hidden filels -a
7list detail for all files include hidden filels -la
8make directorymkdir
9create filetouch
10remove directoryrmdir
11remove a filerm "filename"
12remove a file recursively, avoid asking for your permission to remove every filesrm -rf "filename"
13move a filemv
14Rename a filemv "oldName" "newName"
15copy a filecp
16VIM : To copy selected textpress 'y' it will copy to clipboard
17VIM : To paste text from clipboardShift + Insert


1Create a empty file with specified space - Placeholderfsutil file createnew EMPTY_PLACEHOLDER.tmp 8074735616
2Mass rename of files from .PNG to .pngforfiles /S /M *.PNG /C "cmd /c rename @file @fname.png"

# References