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Personality development points from Jim Rohn

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Below are few points noted while hearing personality development videos of Jim Rohn. Its not sorted or categorized yet. Which i planned to do in future. What i really recommend is actually, you should hear his speech, that will give you thoughts and inspire you and get your focussed.

  • Whatever you do. Practice not being casual, shake off that lethargy.

  • Indecision is the thief of opportunity, make a decision even if it's a wrong decision, do the very best you can, make a decision and go on with it. If it doesn't workout because it's a wrong decision, now you have experience, make a better decision.

  • Nourish your values like a mother, fight your enemies like a father even if the enemy is within.

  • Enjoy your plateau

    • Think on, "What could I have achieved in the past if I had been more diligent or more disciplined or smarter instead of harder".
    • Take self inventory, what have I achieved last month, week, year, 10years.
    • What could you have achieved that you didn't.
    • What do I want to achieve in next 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months
  • Two qualities important for success Patience and persistence. Have patience with yourself it takes time to make changes in habit and discipline. It takes time to correct old error and judgements and finally give up old blame and pick up new responsibility.

Be patience even if opportunity doesn't come right away. When being Patience keep your eyes open and look for opportunity.

When being Patient keep preparing for opportunity even if there is a delay. Keep your disappointments at bay and keep getting ready for opportunities.

Be persistence, be tenacious, keep doing it until. As long as you are patient and persistent it's hard to elude success.

Don't concentrate on things you can't influence

We go the direction we face. We face the direction we design, direction determines destination

  • Always do more than you are paid for.

  • If promise is clear and powerful, price is easy to first design the promise. If you make the promise of the future clear for yourself , things you want, place you want to go, person you want to be, friends you want to have, homes you want to live. Start setting your goals.

  • Do remember its not the money, it is what you became to earn that money. The skills, the knowledge of the market place, the values you had going for you that's more valuable than the money.

  • Never spend more than 70cents in a dollar.

    • 10 cents for charity / church to support worthy projects
    • 10 cents is active capital. Do something to make profit.
    • 10 cents is passive capital. Capital you let somebody use. ( Mutual funds, stocks).

Profits are better than capital. Wages make you a living. Profits make you a fortune.

Lender is the power position. You don't want to be spender.

  • Focused concentration, resilience and integrity. To build a resilient character you must have

    • Insight. Be true to yourself, honest and responsible.
    • Resilient person is independent only counts on himself
    • Initiative
    • Creative
    • Sense of humour
    • Morality
  • Absorb - Dont get through the day, get from the day

  • Respond - Our emotion need to be educated as our intellect

  • "What if this happens" is the language of the poor. Trying to be too cautious.

  • Be wise and careful with your friends and enemies(by accident even your friend can poison you).

  • Everyday stand guard door of your mind.


Don't mistake courtesy for consent.

Each of us needs of all of us and all of us needs each of us

Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think Things are not the way they are.

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