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Getting your email domain from Google domains

GCP, web-development1 min read

This is something i didn't know at first and later got to know it. How late ? 3 years late.

Once you setup a site with Google Domains, you get upto 100 custom email addresses which you can use to forward emails to existing email address. Meaning, i have created a website using Google Domains and it provides a feature using which i can/have created a personalized email like and when somebody sends an email to this address, i get that email forwarded to likewise i can setup around 100 custom alias email addresses.

For a business this could be really useful.

Setting it up is really easy.
  1. Get a domain with Google domains.
  2. Click on the Email link on the left
  3. On the right bottom you will see link Add email alias

email domain1

email domain2

email domain3

email domain4

email domain5

Learning something everyday

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