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Redefining, what i want

web-development, gatsbyjs2 min read

A sudden Epiphany Moment when i going through some technical blogs like below,

Their sites are very simple, nothing fancy, no jignas, just plain simple content on what they did and doing.

And while going through all the above, below advice hits the spot,

So i started to think, do i have a content for my beautiful site, answer was "No", at that moment. So whats the point, you are experimenting design/colors/effects, you can have a page separately for it. But if you do all the hardwork on getting a site up with all the fancies and after sometime, you don't add any content or anything, whats the point. This has happened earlier in 2007, first site, fully Adobe flash enabled, worked on it for 6months and later did not even visit the site. Second site, in 2018, worked on it for almost again 6months, this time added couple of contents and later got busy with life and adding content in this site is pretty tedious as its .html . Now am i doing it all over again, could be. I dont want to prove "3 is a trend", so decided to stop designing part here. (PERIOD)

You know the (PERIOD), i said above, wasn't still a period. I am still having the habit of collecting templates, noting down website names, css effects, font names, color codes, palettes.. I am telling myself repeatedly, that focus should be more on content. Stop with the design.

Still at this point, i am not convinced a bit, then i came across this site, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC.. Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway

Thats the site of Berkshire Hathaway owned by Warren Buffett, the design of the site sucks, actually there is no design at all. It looks like a plain hand-written HTML site. It might be actually.

I took a step back, started to compare the designs of sites of technical bloggers, BRK and kept thinking their focus is towards content, it is and users as well.

  • Who would visit technical blogs and read it ?
    Software developers, searching for solutions for their problems, they visit the site, go through the article and see how relevant is the article to their problem and take the idea or solution back to their work and apply it.

  • Who would be visitors of Berkshire Hathaway site ?
    Probably shareholders, would they be interested in the design of the site or how much profit share is giving them or is there any letters from Warren Buffett.

When i think about all this things, a website design should be

  1. user-centric - Users should be able to find information in simplest way possible.
  2. content should be clear and concise.
New Plan
  1. Look for easy way to publish content on a site. Whats Wordpress, Whats a static site generator
  2. Pick one
  3. Pick a theme which has tagging, table of contents, code highlights and mostly importantly easy to work with.
  4. Start making content
  5. Deploy it
  6. Post contents every week.

While going through the above list,

  1. Started looking into Hugo, Jerkyll, 11ty and Gatsby
  2. Picked Gatsby, its fast.
  3. There were many themes, picked the one that had tagging, dark mode and code highlighter. Gatsby Starter: Minimal Blog
  4. Started adding content in development and experimenting gatsby
  5. Gatsby supports Firebase Hosting ( Fantastic, so deployment will be bit easy for me )

Mostly i am trying to break the trend here. Lets see how this goes.

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