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Hello World!

happy1 min read

Hello world!

My first post in V3 of my website using gatsby

Entering the whole new arena of content making and publishing meaning there is no other field in the world other than IT where learning is more important than anything and things go outdated very fast and every engineer/administrator have be updated with the changes.

Another special characteristics about this field IT field is there are huge number of learning materials, documentations, tools and other resources available to learn and experiment for free and on the way, we ourselves make lots of documentation on thoughts, ideas, tests, results, errors and how to resolve them. No one can read everything and no one retain or remember everything. I suppose everyone will have their mechanism to manage their personal knowledge like notes, documents, audios, vlog and other ways. This site will act more like a brain dump, but bit more aligned. It doesn't mean i am going to be publishing every day or week as this also takes time.

What this site will have
About cloud technologies and how i use them, step-by-step, how to's, errors & solutions, web-development, databases basically all my learnings and everything off-host(non-mainframe) only. If there is anything related to mainframe means that information is already available in internet and that page would have links to that source. Here i am not trying to reproduce the same information, it will be short-notes on how i understood that information/content as you cannot remember everything and everyone needs a place to store it and recall it and links to go back where they got it from.

What this site will not have
Anything related to WORK

By doing all this, i am also trying to learn writing. I don't write that much, if i write anything that will be mostly in bullet points and precise. I hope all this improves my learning & writing skills as well along with technicals.

Let's see how it goes