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Hello World!

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Hello world!

My first post in V3 of my website using gatsby

These are notes mostly written for myself, sort of like online archive. I feel notes are important, especially the notes that you take for yourself, they are like bookmarks in memory. Notes you write down in paper are importanter, they give more feel. I got lots of books with notes and my moms like 'can i throw it away, i don't see you looking at it and its soo dusty' and i got to a mindset, if i didn't refer it for two years, it can be thrown away, i am not going to recheck or confirm as i don't remember it, i don't need it(not a brilliant move but keeps old stuff off the room). Working in IT, there is too much to learn and too much to remember, needed a way to dump things, note down things in sort of way, so i felt like this is a good way.

Initially wrote a small app for myself to note down things stash, its good. Needs a lots of improvement. Eventually will have to find time to upgrade it. Now its sort of like bookmark manager.

If some posts in this website, seem confusing, under-explained, out-dated.. its probably, not written for you! Sorry :D . One can think making notes public, its not a brilliant move, well, there's not much traffic happening in my site as i am not that famous or anywhere near to it. Average 15 unique users per month guessing two of that users are me and checking the site in incognito-mode to see if its up and working as expected and other two or three could be scraping bots doing some analytics and remaining could be actually users(those poor souls).

There are couple of things, i am experimenting by doing all this,

  1. This is way better than saving URLs in stash. Why ? After using my app for over two years, when i try to refer to URLs which i had saved 6 months back, its not working.

    • That site is upgraded and entire URL path is changed
    • That user stopped paying for hosting, so domains gone.
    • Moved to different domain
    • Deleted the post

    All the scenarios listed above are practical. So, cant blame anybody. Lesson learn is saving URLs to referback thing is not working. So falling back to old method of taking notes. Con : Its a time consuming process. Need to have discipline.

    • By putting all the notes in a blog like order, i sort of keep the notes, organized. Thats a good thing instead of saving it in a folder somewhere.
  2. Also, by doing all this, i am also trying to learn writing. I don't write that much, if i write anything that will be mostly in bullet points and precise. I am in a situation like 'Paragraphs' What are those ? I have heard about it.

What this site will have

Nothing related to work. Mostly my test, notes, what i have learnt, how i use them, step-by-steps, how to's, errors & solutions sort of like guide for me.

Last updated on : 2020-08-31