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Last updated : 2020-05-28

Revere [rɪˈvɪə] means feel deep respect or admiration for (something).

This revere is a new word to me. Till now, I have never used this word before. Just thought to check, is there any word shorter for Inspiration which seemed to be overly used word, I could say "look up to" but they are 3 words and saying a "Fan of their works", seems like art, "Idolize" seems like worship/cult. If it wasn't revere it would be 'iAdmire'.

Here are some people "I look up to" and "I am a fan of their work" :) I usually have their articles in my bookmark (or) subscribed to their channel in youtube. To me they are the best in what they do, they make things easier to understand and give a lot of details and perspectives, personally they save a lot of time and give me a feel, "I don't need to look any further than this".

As these are sort of like bookmarks, i will be updating it regularly,

  • Andrew Mead : Tutorials are best
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