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Inspired by Wes Bos /uses page. Here are the techs i use @Home on day-to-day basis,


  • Sony VAIO : Model VPCF1390X, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU, Q740@1.73GHz, Internal Storage 150GB, Memory 6GB
  • OS : Windows 10 Home
  • Additional Storage : 1TB WD Passport, 1TB iOmega
  • Purchased on : 21/Feb/2011


  • Visual Studio Code : Its my primary editor for Web development and Python at the moment.
  • Sublime : When VS Code gets slow or when it takes too much memory, i switch to Sublime. This is one of the lowest memory consuming editor. For all SQLs & CLI works, i use this.
  • Notepad++ : For small edits i use this

I keep multiple tabs open all the time, so i really like all the above editors as it saves state.


  • MySQL : Test databases


  • Eclipse for Java Development

Desktop Apps

  • OneNote : I have my Todos here
  • Browser : Primarily Chrome and when it slows down, i switch to Opera

Chrome Extensions (First 3 are must have for me)

  • The Great Suspender
  • Momentum
  • OneTab
  • Fair Adblocker
  • JSONView


  • Microsoft Lumia Headset
  • Boult Red Audio Neckband Q9


  • Spotify

CLI Tools

  • Git
  • Gatsby Cli
  • Gcloud

Also 1 Small table fan on the side just to cool the laptop.