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Jupyter notebook default startup directory in windows

jupyter1 min read

I want everything organized like i have created a folder in 'D' drive to test Python scripts in Jupyter Notebooks. When starting jupyter notebook, it starts up in C:\Users\Sushanth .

I am like "WHAT", there should be a way to change this. There should be a config file or settings somewhere to change this.

This is the point, where i am more worked up in changing this directory than coding some python scripts

I google a bit and find out there are two ways to do this and in my head 3 ways get this done,

# Method 1 ( Dont start to try this just yet )

  1. Open "Anaconda prompt". It should open up in the default directory
  2. Go into folder .juypter
  3. Enter the below command and it will generate a file named
    1jupyter notebook --generate-config
  4. Open the file in Notepad. Find c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir. Its a commented line, so '#' found beginning of the line, delete it and add the path of your folder. Save the file.
    1c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = 'D:\\BigData\\12. Python\\4. Jupyter Notebooks'
  5. Close the Jupyter Notebook and Close the Anaconda Terminal
  6. Open Jupyter Notebook again.
  7. Voila ( Nothing happened, it started in same old C:\Users\Sushanth directory )

# Method 2

  1. Go into the desired folder

    3D:\>cd "BigData\12. Python\4. Jupyter Notebooks"
  2. Enter the command

    1jupyter notebook
  3. Voila ( It works )

# Method 3

You installed Anaconda and started Jupyter Notebook to learn python. Does it matter actually where to you save it. Problem is even before starting Jupyter Notebook, you created a folder structure and decided to save your files there. Expectations. hmm.

Create a new folder in the default directory and start writing some scripts.

Thats it for now, go PLAY